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Core Elements

Foundation Training offers an online video platform to help eliminate pain, boost energy, and strengthen your body. Includes lessons, exercises, and workouts. Learn more…

C. E. Coaching

Made to Move Life custom tailors a program specifically for your body’s needs, and your heart’s goals. Includes assessments, modifications, form checks, and more. Learn more…

Core Changes

You change how you feel and how you perform. Foundation Training is an incredible system, and it’s even better with personalized instruction and attention. Learn more…

Why Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is what helped me when nothing else could. I threw out my back many years ago, which was devastating. I saw every specialist I could find, to little avail. When I found Foundation Training, it got me out of pain and doing what I love again within a matter of weeks. I knew I had to spread the word.

I studied and practiced, then was fortunate enough to be a part of one of their earliest certification programs. I have been teaching this system to all of my clients ever since. I feel better than ever, and love helping others become the best versions of themselves using this incredible system as one of my main tools.

Chris Gonzales,
Owner/Founder – Made to Move Life LLC

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Made to Move Life LLC and Foundation Training are two separate entities. We are an affiliate and certified to teach the Foundation Training program, but do not speak for them as a company. Core Elements and Core Elements Coaching are two separate, distinct purchases and services.